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Payment Policy

Payment by Credit Card

Clary Business Machines Co, accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Please note: When the checkout/customer details section asks for your "personal information", please enter your full name and billing address. The name and address you enter must match the information you have on file with your credit card provider, or the order will not be authorized. You also must provide the 3-digit verification code on the back of the card to complete your order. These extra steps provide additional security against possible credit card fraud to the cardholder and Clary Business Machines Co.

Purchase Orders

In addition to all the major credit cards, we accept purchase orders from corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies. Please fax your purchase order to (858) 552-0910 or if you need to mail it please mail it to:
Clary Business Machines Co
6224 Ferris Square, Suite C,
San Diego,
California 92121.
If you need to call in and place the order with a PO that will be fine also.

Checks & Money Orders:

If you prefer to pay by check or money order/cashier checks, we are happy to accommodate you. If you are making payment by check, please note that we cannot ship your products until payment is received and verified. Please make all checks and money orders/cashiers checks payable to: Officetronics and mail to the above address. Please note, there will be a $25 surcharge for all returned checks.

International Orders


Pricing on this web site is in U.S. funds.

Minimum Orders

Minimum export order is U.S. $100.00, F.O.B. shipping point. Canada, U.S. Possessions, Embassies and U.S. Government Installations are exempt from the minimum order requirement.

Payment Terms

Export orders are accepted on the basis of payment in advance of shipment by certified check, bank draft, wire transfer, or Credit Card.
*For International non-USA/non-Canadian credit card orders, we will need both of the following documents faxed to us:
  1. Your credit card billing statement
  2. A copy of the front and back of your credit card
Your order will NOT be processed until this information is received.
We will only ship to the address shown on your credit card statement, which will be verified by the card-issuing bank. You can either fax us this information at (866) 239-4834 or email it to
** Please reference your order number on your fax or email. Certified check or bank draft should be mailed directly to:
Clary Business Machines Co
6224 Ferris Square, Suite C,
San Diego,
California 92121.

Call or email for wire transfer information

Please Notify us by email or fax when the transfer is made so we can track your payment and process it in a timely manner.

Letters of Credit

Payment may be made by confirmed irrevocable Letter of Credit provided order for export is more than U.S. $10000.00, F.O.B. shipping point. Letter of Credit must be payable at sight, valid for at least 90 days from date of issue, with all bank charges to the account of the buyer. Letter of Credit to be advised and payable at:
Clary Business Machines Co
6224 Ferris Square, Suite C,
San Diego,
California 92121.

Term of Sale

Standard export quotation pricing is F.O.B. shipping point, at which point legal title and responsibility for goods is transferred to the buyer. C&F, C.I.F. and F.A.S. quotation will be offered upon request. Charges for insurance and shipping will be added to the invoice unless other arangements were made. A handling charge will apply for special consular certification, export documentation or special packaging for sea freight. Buyer is responsible for tariffs or import duties. We will not accept back or refund packages on the grounds that you were not aware of these fees. Any taxes or shipping fees that go unpaid will automatically be charged to your account.